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Your Home Is Also Vulnerable to Allergens

May 21, 2020

Now that spring is in full swing, many allergy sufferers are feeling the effects of higher levels of pollen, dander and other airborne contaminants. In addition to the issues allergens can cause for people, they can also take a toll on your home’s exterior. Over time, pollen and other allergens can accumulate on homes and cause a number of issues. Keep reading to learn more about pollen damage to homes in Oklahoma City and how to prevent damage. How pollen collects in homes Research shows that quantities of seasonal pollen and allergens are increasing across the country. Higher temperatures, increased... View Article

Five Most Common Landscape Drainage Problems and Solutions

April 10, 2020

Working with the landscaping in your yard can be one of your life’s greatest pleasures. You’re getting an intimate look at nature and getting fresh air and sunshine on a regular basis. You’re exercising some small measure of control over your surroundings and getting close with the natural world. All of these are good things for your general wellbeing. However, landscaping, like any other hobby or endeavor, comes with challenges. One of these is drainage—how can you best make sure your property is draining appropriately at all times? The most common drainage problems in Oklahoma City, OK are described below,... View Article

Five Reasons to Get a Patio Cover

March 27, 2020

Whether you’ve recently installed a patio or have had one for years, you’re going to want to take good care of what was surely a considerable investment. The benefits of patio covers in Oklahoma City, OK cannot be overstated, since they provide an extra measure of protection and preservation to many homeowners’ favorite outdoor spaces. Patios provide a gathering space and a social meeting point for your loved ones and friends, so they really are a piece of your property that you want to maximize. By putting up a cover, you’re demonstrating that you recognize this value—a trait that our... View Article

Solar Carports: The New and Growing Trend

February 10, 2020

If you have a traditional carport, you probably already know the benefits: keeping the elements off your car while providing an additional area of shelter on and around your home. But have you thought about making your carport into a solar carport? Adding a solar canopy to your structure can not only protect your car, but also reap some serious energy benefits in the process. If you’ve been thinking about a solar carport for a while, you’re not alone. Many residents are taking advantage of a variety of solar carport benefits in Oklahoma City, OK, thanks to increased utility costs.... View Article

How to Prepare Your Carport for Tornado Season

January 22, 2020

Don’t look now, but tornado season is right around the corner. Hopefully, this tornado season won’t be too nasty, but everyone still has to prepare for the worst. In addition to readying your home and roof, you can’t neglect tornado carport preparation in Oklahoma City! Keep reading to learn how to prepare your carport for tornadoes: Build in the right location: Preparing your carport for a tornado begins the first day you install it. Ensure that the carport is built away from any tall or weak trees that could collapse in high winds. Hiring a professional to build your carport... View Article

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