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Gutter Sponge: Is It Worth the Investment?

March 5, 2020

Of all the hardships that can befall your home’s gutter system, few things are more obnoxious than a large piece of debris getting stuck in your home’s gutters or downspouts. Not only can a large stick or rock be a real hassle to remove, but it can also cause irreparable damage to your gutters. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to defend your home’s gutters from large debris. It’s called a gutter guard, and they come in a wide array of designs and size options. Of late, one type of gutter guard that is gaining in popularity is the... View Article

Snowy Winter? Check Your Gutters for Ice Dams!

February 20, 2020

When the snow begins to fall in our little corner of Oklahoma, most conscientious homeowners have a plan of attack to ward off the worst of the weather. We shovel the driveway. We salt our walkways. We keep a pile of wood warm and dry so we can build a nice, cozy fire. But what’s your plan of attack for your gutters? What about your pipes? Unfortunately, if you’re not taking the proper precautions, you could be at risk for the formation of ice dams. Once the worst of the snow has hit your home and begun to melt, it... View Article

The Evolution of Rain Gutters: Exciting Changes from BCE to Nowadays

January 27, 2020

If you’ve ever bemoaned cleaning your rain gutters and wondered why they exist, you probably didn’t realize you were participating in a tradition that’s over 5,000 years old. Rain gutters date back millennia. The goal has always been the same: keeping water and waste away from your living structure. This helps preserve the structural integrity of your buildings and ensure their longevity. Read on for a brief history of rain gutters, and then think about how these structures benefit your own property in Oklahoma City, OK. Rain gutters throughout history The first known rain gutters are from the Indus Valley... View Article

How Gutter Cleaning Can Significantly Increase Your Home’s Lifespan

January 8, 2020

Every spring and fall, you’re bound to see homeowners across the nation up on their roofs, cleaning out their gutters. You can bet that they’re not just doing it for fun! Gutter cleaning is an essential part of being a responsible homeowner. Keep reading to learn the importance of gutter cleaning as part of home maintenance in Oklahoma City: Extend gutter lifespan: Though they’re hardly noticeable, your gutters are an integral part of your roof and your home as a whole. If your gutters are clean, they’re bound to last longer—and if your gutters are long-lasting, the rest of your... View Article

Things to Ask When Considering a Gutter Company

December 11, 2019

If you’re looking for a team of contractors to install new gutters on your home and garage, it’s important you ask the right questions so you can be sure you’re getting a company you can trust to perform high-quality work. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask gutter companies in Oklahoma City, OK. Are you licensed? You should always verify the credentials of anyone you have doing any kind of contract work on your home, especially when you consider the financial investment you’re putting into getting your new gutters. You should always work with a contractor... View Article

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