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Welcome to “The Big Friendly”—Oklahoma City!

November 8, 2020

L&S Seamless Guttering takes pride in its friendly and helpful contractor staff. However, this attitude is not limited to us. Oklahoma City is nicknamed “The Big Friendly” for its community values and helpfulness towards visitors. We like to think our approach fits with the city’s motto! If you’re visiting our website from outside the area, we hope that you can stop by our city and experience the friendliness yourself. Here are a few Oklahoma points of interest and tour attractions you may enjoy. Oklahoma City Zoo: This expansive zoo and botanical garden has been engaging families for over 100 years.... View Article

Oklahoma City’s Guttering Pros: L&S Seamless Gutters

October 24, 2020

If you seek a contractor with glowing guttering reviews, look no further than L&S Seamless Gutters. We offer 38 years of experience with gutter installation and repair, rain guards, surface drains, and patio and carport cover servers. Now is a good time to make sure all your gutters are ready for higher precipitation in fall and winter, and you can trust us. But don’t take our work for it—go read the reviews! Our work speaks for itself in the glowing recommendations our customers give us. Here are a few common themes about our service you’ll read in customer reviews. Sticks... View Article

Do NOT Wait for Winter to Prepare Your Gutters

October 6, 2020

Winter is rapidly approaching, along with all the severe weather that can make it a challenging season. You probably already know that you should clean out your gutters at least twice per year, but you might not realize that winter is a bad time to start gutter maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK. We get plenty of rain and snow in the wintertime, and if your gutters are clogged, the water will have no place to safely run off. Instead, you could see foundation issues and structural damage when the water invades your home. If that water freezes, it could crack... View Article

Steel Seals the Deal for Carports

September 22, 2020

Thinking about getting a carport to protect your vehicles from tornadoes and other weather? They’re an easy way to keep the elements off your cars or trucks without needing to add an enclosure to your home. Carports are freestanding open shelters that will protect cars from rain, sun, wind and snow. However, it’s important that you pick a material that can stand up to the weather. Carports are often made from both aluminum and steel. Which should you pick? Overall, steel carports are the best for the climate and weather in Oklahoma City, OK. Here’s why we think you’ll love... View Article

Don’t Blame It on the Rain!

September 9, 2020

Mother Nature can be blamed for many things that negatively impact our homes. For example, tornadoes can’t be stopped—we can only try to guard ourselves during them. While we can’t stop the rain, we can direct the water’s pathway and protect our property using gutters and surface drains. Continue reading to learn what happens without rain guards when it pours rain in Oklahoma City, OK. The importance of gutters From top to bottom, gutters defend your entire property. Gutters help prevent leaks up on the roof and ensure your foundation doesn’t collapse. Without them, your siding could become warped or... View Article

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