Top Four Reasons Your Home Needs New Gutters

Top Four Reasons Your Home Needs New Gutters

September 17, 2021

Wondering whether your home can benefit from new gutters? Whether you’re dealing with water in your basement or you’re simply noticing water pouring off the roof and into your flowerbeds, new gutters are a practical upgrade that offers a multitude of advantages. What are some of the primary reasons for new gutters? Read on to find out.

You’ll save on home repair and maintenance costs

Preventing water damage is one of the best reasons to invest in new gutter installation. When gutters aren’t working properly, overflowing water can damage the exterior walls of your home. The most common type of water damage affects those exterior walls, causing wood or siding to decay. Avoid costly repairs by having new gutters installed and preserve the condition and value of your home.

You’ll protect your landscaping

If your gutters aren’t adequately doing the job of catching rain, water runoff from your roof can do some serious damage to the landscaping. Quality gutters are designed to take water away from the home. When gutters aren’t doing their job, they can’t take water a safe distance away, causing the ground nearby to erode. Water cascading off the roof carries all topsoil with it, and any landscaping around your home will suffer when exposed to this excess amount of water.

One of the best reasons for new gutters is that it saves your landscaping, preserving the time and effort you’ve put into maintaining flowers, trees and shrubs.

You’ll protect your foundation

As stated above, water that can’t be transported away from a home due to damaged gutters causes erosion. The erosion not only damages landscaping, but it also can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation. After enough degradation, the situation can turn dangerous. Rather than spending a fortune on foundation repairs, invest in new gutter installation to preserve the condition of your home.

You’ll keep your basement dry

A wet, damp basement isn’t an inviting space to spend time. It can be smelly and humid, and it can even be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If you’ve been dealing with frequent basement flooding following heavy rainstorms, faulty gutters might be to blame. When water collects near your home, it can travel through your foundation and into your basement.

Unfortunately, when water makes its way into your basement, mold can become a huge problem. Depending on the extent of the mold, you could be looking at some costly repairs and remediation. Professionally installed gutters keep your basement dry, making it a more comfortable and healthier place to be.

There are several reasons to invest in new gutter installation. In both the short and long terms, new gutter installation saves you money and preserves the condition of your property as a whole. Ready to provide your home with long-lasting protection? Reach out to the experts at L & S Seamless Guttering and discover how easy and affordable it is to invest in this sensible home update. We’d be glad to schedule a consultation to discuss your seamless gutter options.

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