What Should I Do if My House Doesn't Have Gutters?

What Should I Do if My House Doesn’t Have Gutters?

April 30, 2021

Although they’re small and often not entirely visible, gutters play an integral role in keeping rainwater away from a home’s foundation and preventing basement flooding in Oklahoma City. Gutters also reduce the risk of roof leaks and prevent mold accumulation on your siding, so it’s safe to say that they’re an integral part of a house.

If your home doesn’t have gutters or if your current ones are in poor condition, it’s time to replace them! A house without functioning gutters is bound to have a host of problems that are quite expensive to fix.

Why some houses might not have gutters

Although it seems like a given that all homes have gutters, that’s not the case. Here are a few scenarios in which a house may not have them:

  • Steepslope roof: A home with a steep roof and a long overhang might not be equipped with gutters. This is because the roof naturally directs rainwater past the foundation, reducing the risk of a basement flood. That said, installing gutters is still a good idea in order to protect the landscaping.
  • Old home: Rain gutters in Oklahoma City weren’t commonly installed until the mid-1900s. If a house is older than that, it might not have gutters attached to the roof. Because they’re so essential, we recommend retrofitting any old homes with new gutters ASAP.
  • Arid environment: Houses in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada or other dry climates don’t necessarily need gutters because they get such little rainfall. Even if they do get a few heavy storms each year, the rain probably won’t cause any damage.

Signs that you need to install new gutters

Knowing whether or not you need rain gutters in Oklahoma City isn’t a guessing game. These are a few of the top signs that your gutters aren’t working and that you need new ones:

  • Basement flooding: The first sign that your home needs new gutters is if your basement floods after heavy rains. This flooding occurs because the water accumulates around your foundation instead of flowing down the gutters and away from your home. Eventually, you may develop cracks in your foundation because of the excess water.
  • Rotting siding: Your siding can suffer if your roof doesn’t have a big overhang and your gutters are in poor shape. Instead of flowing harmlessly to the ground, the water can drip down onto your siding, eventually leading to rot or mold growth. New gutter installation is the only way to remedy this issue.
  • Landscaping issues: Troughs or divots in the lawn surrounding your home are unsightly and a sign that your gutters are failing. These holes develop because rain constantly falls directly from your roof onto the grass instead of flowing down the gutters. Letting our pros install new gutters is a quick remedy to this problem.

Call our team to install your gutters

Gutter installation is best left to the pros, specifically our team at L & S Seamless Guttering. Our seamless gutter systems are custom-fit for each home, greatly reducing the risk of basement flooding in Oklahoma City and giving you peace of mind. Contact us today to get an estimate for your new gutters.

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