Should You Install a Carport or a Garage?

Should You Install a Carport or a Garage?

March 4, 2021

The carport vs. garage debate is one you’ll need to confront if you’re considering adding vehicle storage spaces to your Oklahoma City property. Today we’re specifically focusing on the advantages of a carport vs. a garage. Keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different—there are benefits to each type of structure.

Here are just a few examples of some of the advantages of a carport vs. a garage:

  • Easier to install: Building a garage is going to be a much larger, more complicated task that requires more permitting and more stages of construction. For example, a garage will always need a foundation, while this is not necessarily always going to be true with a carport. While a carport will require permitting of its own, the process of getting it approved and built will not take as long.
  • Aesthetics: Depending on the way a garage is designed, it could potentially damage the aesthetics of the home and make it appear smaller, especially if it’s an attached garage. Carports have a smaller profile and are open, which makes them feel smaller and more a part of the surrounding landscape.
  • Flexibility: Carports are more flexible than garages in that they can be used in a wider variety of ways beyond just storing automobiles or yard equipment. There are all kinds of creative shelving solutions that can be employed with carports, and you can use carports for other types of hobbies and interests, or even just as a covered patio of sorts.
  • Decoration: Part of the extra flexibility associated with carports is that there are far more opportunities for decorating them. You can hang plants, lights and wind chimes, put up screens for some privacy or even use plants as privacy curtains.
  • Cost: Because carports are nowhere near as complex of structures as garages, you can expect them to cost you significantly less, which is helpful if you’re trying to get the project done on a budget.
  • Shade: Carports are great spots to use as play areas for children, or shaded areas for adults to set up chairs and relax while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. As we mentioned earlier, you can use carports in this way to create a feeling that’s sort of like a covered patio.
  • Convenience: The lack of doors and general openness of a carport makes them a very convenient option, especially when you’ve got items you need to carry inside.
  • Energy savings: Because you’re not raising and lowering an electric door every time you pull in and out of the carport, you’re saving quite a bit of energy over the lifetime of the structure.

There are also many benefits carports share with garages, including protection from the elements and against potential burglars, as well as plenty of vehicle and equipment storage options and ways to organize other items you might want to store on your property.

For more information about the advantages of a carport vs. a garage in Oklahoma City, we encourage you to contact the team at L & S Seamless Guttering today.

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