Five Most Common Landscape Drainage Problems and Solutions

Five Most Common Landscape Drainage Problems and Solutions

April 10, 2020

Working with the landscaping in your yard can be one of your life’s greatest pleasures. You’re getting an intimate look at nature and getting fresh air and sunshine on a regular basis. You’re exercising some small measure of control over your surroundings and getting close with the natural world. All of these are good things for your general wellbeing.

However, landscaping, like any other hobby or endeavor, comes with challenges. One of these is drainage—how can you best make sure your property is draining appropriately at all times? The most common drainage problems in Oklahoma City, OK are described below, and if you find yourself experiencing any of them, be sure to call the experts at L & S Seamless Guttering to help with solutions:

  • Improper elevation changes: One of the big problems we see can start at the foundation of your home. Your property might be improperly graded, which can allow for problems to emerge with how water flows. As a matter of fact, if your grading is off, you could be inadvertently inviting water to move towards your foundation—a scenario that nobody wants. You’ll want to regrade the land around your house to make sure the water is flowing in the right direction, or even install a sub-surface drainage system that can move even more water.
  • Landscaping designs: You might not realize it, but some of the most common drainage problems in Oklahoma City, OK can in fact be due to the landscaping that you have installed around your home. A bed’s layout, for example, can affect how water moves through your property. You want to install your bed in such a way that it allows for water to move naturally—otherwise the water could stay put and kill your plants or move in a direction that can cause damage.
  • Paved surfaces: While natural features like landscaping and grading can cause problems, your paved surfaces can also be culprits of drainage issues. You need to make sure surfaces like patios and driveways are properly graded and angled away from vital areas so water can flow in the desired direction. You might need to regrade or possibly install a retaining wall. Contact our professional technicians for more information about how water can be directed away from paved surfaces.
  • Check your gutters: Your gutters may be an overlooked cause of the most common drainage problems in Oklahoma City, OK, so you should be checking them regularly and ensuring that they’re up to snuff. They can be emptying into beds that can in turn drain towards your foundation, so inspect, clean and redirect them as needed.
  • Beware the water traps: Depressions in your yard caused by improper grading can collect water and create boggy conditions. These will eventually kill grass and plants, and will need to be addressed by installing drainage that allows water to freely move out of these areas.

Working with the drainage issues in your yard requires some attention and foresight. Oftentimes it just takes some attention and some elbow grease to get things flowing the right way again. The team at L & S Seamless Guttering can provide more guidance and advice on these matters, so give us a call anytime!

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