When Is the Best Time to Install New Gutters?

When Is the Best Time to Install New Gutters?

September 6, 2019

You might be wondering which season is the best time to invest in seamless gutter installation in Oklahoma City. The answer may surprise you!

Signs you need to replace your rain gutters

Your rain gutters might be getting up there in age, but that’s not a solid reason to tear them out. Why spend money on new gutters and installation services if your gutters are still functioning well? The following signs indicate it’s time for gutter replacement:

  • Cracks, holes or rust spots: Small damage can be fixed using a gutter sealant or patch, but it’s better to get new gutters if there are a number of cracks and holes in a section.
  • Separated gutters: Your gutter system cannot function like it’s supposed to if the sections are not fastened together to create a single channel. Replace gutters when they begin separating from one another frequently.
  • Pulling away from the roof: There shouldn’t be spaces between the roofline and the gutters, and you shouldn’t have to reattach or replace the fasteners all the time. New gutters will solve both your water and fascia problems.
  • Sagging gutters: Gutter systems are installed slightly angled in one direction so water flows down instead of just collecting in the gutters and overflowing. If you can’t fix this problem, consider replacing your gutters.
  • Peeling exterior paint: When rain gutters pull away from the roof, water is likely to seep down over the edge and onto exposed trim or siding, causing paint peel.

The seasons and new gutter installation

You can install new rain gutters at any time of the year, so the best time to replace them is whenever you need to. Here’s what to look out for during each season:

  • Fall: If you don’t have good guards in place, then falling leaves and debris can cause blockages, slowing water drainage through the gutters. Clean out gutters before fall, and replace damaged sections before the start of the rainy season.
  • Winter: Between rain, snow and ice, gutters are often in for some rough treatment during the winter months. Snow and ice can block water flow and clog the gutters, which can lead to cracks or breakage. We advise against installing new gutters in winter, just because snow, ice and cold weather can damage them, regardless of their age.
  • Spring: Spring is the ideal time of year to replace your gutters, but do it before spring rain showers come. Come fall, you’ll enjoy proper drainage away from your house.
  • Summer: Mosquitoes love standing water, and hot summer days combined with clogged gutters can be very attractive to mosquitoes. If your gutters’ poor condition is causing an insect boom on your property, replace them. Call a gutter installer early on in the season to secure an appointment, as summer is the busy season for rain gutter companies.

For information about seamless gutter installation in Oklahoma City, contact the team of technicians at L & S Seamless Guttering. Call us with questions or to get a free estimate on any of our products and services!

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