Six Creative Rain Gutter Ideas That Are Excellent for Any Home!

Six Creative Rain Gutter Ideas That Are Excellent for Any Home!

August 23, 2019

Your home’s rain gutter system is in place to move water off your roof and down and away from your foundation. However, just because gutters are meant to serve as a type of water mitigation system, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with them if you want, both when they’re still perfectly functional and after it comes time to replace them.

Gutter companies in Oklahoma City have all kinds of suggestions to help you out. Ideas range from simple modifications to help you conserve water to total reimaginations of the gutters for very different purposes. Here’s a closer look at six creative rain gutter ideas that can work for any home:

  • Save water for your garden: In the summertime, there’s generally little to no rainfall, while in the winter and spring, there’s plenty of precipitation. Connecting a water drum to the downspout will collect rainwater that you can use later. Keep multiple drums nearby to rotate into place as each drum fills up. When you want to use the water for gardening purposes, simply hook up your garden hose or fill up your watering can!
  • Channel water to a small pond: You can maintain a small backyard pond using diverted rainwater from your gutters. Make sure the pond is deep enough to accommodate the water, or create an overflow plan to send extra water to areas in your garden that could use it.
  • Use a protective plant frame: Don’t think for one second that your unattractive downspouts can’t be made stylish. Rather than investing in a more expensive downspout cover, turn your downspout into a natural wonder by installing a stainless steel frame for hanging plants or vines.
  • Create a sprinkler for a greenhouse: If you have a greenhouse on your property, install gutters at the ridge of the greenhouse roof and puncture small holes into the material. This transforms the gutter into an automatic sprinkler that distributes rainwater evenly throughout the greenhouse. The best way to limit the amount of water received is to install downspouts on the greenhouse gutters to direct excess water to water drums or to a thirsty area in your garden.
  • Container planting: Old gutters can make excellent containers for plants. Make a wall of containers by cutting sections of gutters and puncturing holes on the undersides. Then use wire or durable string to lace them together and hang them up.
  • Turn them into bookshelves: Gutters are strong enough to support many gallons of rainwater, which means they’re strong enough to hold plenty of other things. For example, you could use old gutters as bookshelves by trimming them down to the size you want, applying a coat of paint and nailing them to your interior walls.

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