Tree Debris and Your Rain Gutters

Tree Debris and Your Rain Gutters

May 28, 2019

As you can probably guess, after investing in gutter installation in Oklahoma City, it’s important to keep those gutters clean and functional. The main reason to keep leaves and other tree debris out of your rain gutters is to avoid water overflow and pooling caused by clogs. So, when you notice a clogged gutter, it’s important to either call a professional to take care of it or do it yourself right away—especially since you can’t rely on rainwater to push the debris down and out of the downspout.

The fact of the matter is that ignoring clogs could lead to serious problems to your home and the surrounding area with the passage of time. Here’s a closer look at why efficient rain gutters matter, and what types of tree debris to look out for.

Why rain gutters are essential

Water causes more damage to homes than just about anything else, which is why you need a good gutter system. Homes that are not equipped with efficient rain gutters (or don’t have any at all) can run into all sorts of problems during the rainy season. An inefficient rainwater mitigation system can lead to issues including foundation damage, roof rot, interior and exterior water damage and ruined landscaping, all of which can happen when water is not properly directed away from your property. Thinking about investing in new gutter installation in Oklahoma City? Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Rain pours off the roof: Water should not pour off the roof during heavy rains! That said, your gutters need to be large enough to contain all rainwater and move it swiftly down and away from your home’s foundation. If you have to walk through waterfalls to get out your front door, call a professional for an assessment.
  • Water gets under the eaves: Rainwater can cause considerable damage to your home. Topping this list is damage that occurs due to water curling under the eaves of the roof. When this happens, the water can make its way down the siding, causing mold growth and damaging house paint. Water pooling on your roof is also a huge problem. Water and moisture can get into the attic, causing extensive damage to wood beams, insulation, walls and ceilings.
  • Water and the foundation: If rainwater pools around the foundation of your home, it can cause the support to settle and crack. Watch wood decks that are in the center of water pooling, as the wood is prone to warping, rot and possible collapse.
  • Landscape destruction: Hard rain can ruin the landscaping around your home. Flower gardens, shrubs and other landscaping close to your house can get flooded out, washed away or torn apart by water spilling over gutters.

Common types of leaves and tree debris

The types of leaves and debris to be on the lookout for will depend on the area where you live, but really anything has the potential to clog gutters. Pine needles, most tree leaves, pollen, tree flowers and even animal nests can quickly plug up gutters and downspouts. If debris is left to decompose, it can cause damaging rot, mold and other water issues.

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