Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Seamless Gutters in Oklahoma City

Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Seamless Gutters in Oklahoma City

February 11, 2019

If you own a house, you likely take care of home maintenance on a regular basis, and maybe even tackle some big home improvement projects from time to time. While many homeowners focus on their interior spaces because that’s where they spend the bulk of their time, it’s important not to neglect the exterior. For example, how are your rain gutters holding up? Perhaps it’s time to replace them with a sturdier or more effective option.

If gutter replacement is on your to-do list, you might be pleased to know that you have lots of available options—even as far as color is concerned! Read on for some of the factors you’ll want to keep in mind, as well as some tips for helping you choose the right color for your new seamless gutters in Oklahoma City.

Factors to consider

If you’re not interested in the plain metal look for your gutters, rest assured you have plenty of choices to pick from in terms of color. Before picking a color for your new gutters, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want your gutters to blend in with the house? Will your property look better if your gutters blend in with your home’s façade, or would you rather they stand out and make a statement? Either option is fine—just choose your preference!
  • How much maintenance are you willing to do? While lighter colors are more susceptible to stains and highlight debris accumulation more clearly, darker colors can help to obscure these issues.
  • Are there any neighborhood restrictions to keep in mind? Your homeowners association or community might have restrictions in place that limit your options. Look into these in advance to avoid making a costly mistake with your color choice.

Tips for selecting a gutter color

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a color for your gutters that you’re likely to enjoy and appreciate for the long term. Here are some tips to help you pick the best color for your new gutters:

  • Copy the current color palette: Take a good look at your home’s exterior, including the roof, siding, trim and other features. Choosing a gutter color that works well with the existing color palette can help the whole exterior look better and more unified.
  • Match them to your roof: Would you like your gutters and downspouts to appear as though they’re an extension of the roof? Go for the closest match and enjoy this subtle effect!
  • Look at shades similar to the trim: Do you have a unique trim color that you’d like to stand out just a bit more? Choosing a gutter color that matches the trim is an excellent way to draw more attention to your trim without having to paint it a more extreme color.
  • Go bold: If you want your gutters to really stand out, choose a color that contrasts with the rest of your exterior. If this is your goal, choose a color that goes well with but also clearly differs from your other exterior features.

The team at L & S Seamless Guttering can help if you would like to learn more about your color options for seamless gutters in Oklahoma City. Call today to talk to one of our professionals about booking a service appointment or consultation!

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