Protect Your Rain Gutters from Freezing Damage This Winter

Protect Your Rain Gutters from Freezing Damage This Winter

November 26, 2018

You need your rain gutters to function properly all year long, but they’re especially important during the months that produce heavy rain and snowstorms. If temperatures tend to drop below freezing where you live, your rain gutters can be in danger of serious damage from the extra pressure that’ll be put on them. Gutters that clog with ice can lead to ice dam formations on your roof, which can cause water damage inside your home. Another problem is melting snow that cannot drain properly. Snow melt can end up pooling on your roof or around your foundation.

So, what are the best ways to protect your rain gutters from wintertime freezing and related damage? Let’s ask an experienced gutter contractor in Oklahoma City:

  • Keep gutters clean: If you have trees near your house, then you are accustomed to fallen leaves—on the lawn, on walkways, on cars, on the roof and in the gutters. Collecting leaves that have fallen from nearby trees is typically a fall season chore, but you should do a final sweep in winter once trees are bare. This includes getting leaves and other tree debris off the roof before they become soggy. Also, clean out your rain gutters one more time.
  • Inspect gutter seams and attachments: While you’re up on a ladder cleaning out the gutters, make sure to inspect all around. Check for leaks and other damage, and make sure all the gutters are attached securely to the house. There should be zero gaps between the fascia and the gutter. To avoid leaks, consider installing seamless gutters. This greatly reduces the potential for leaks.
  • Install gutter guards: Gutter guard installations are great for all types of rain gutters, but gutters below leafy trees can benefit the most. These guards go over the tops of your rain gutters to prevent leaves, twigs, acorns and other debris from falling inside and causing clogs. However, even the highest-quality gutter guards need attention from time to time. And even though gutter guards reduce the amount of debris that can get in the gutters, your pre-winter check should include looking for blockages.
  • Remove snow and ice from the roof: Depending on where you live, winter storms may dump snow or ice on your roof. If it’s a particularly bad storm, it may be nearly impossible to keep your gutters from freezing. A good way to keep gutters free of snow after a storm is to use a roof rake. This rake can clear snow from eaves and gutters with ease.
  • Check gutter pitch: In order for your rain gutters to drain properly, they must have the right gutter slope, or pitch. A proper pitch allows water to travel from the gutter to the downspout, while flat gutters leave water sitting to freeze overnight. To avoid ice buildups caused by poor drainage, take care of any slope issues before cold winter weather sets in.

Are you in need of rain gutter installation or repairs? Call L & S Seamless Guttering today and book a time to meet with a knowledgeable gutter contractor in Oklahoma City.

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