Choosing the Best Gutter Installation in Oklahoma City for Your Home

Choosing the Best Gutter Installation in Oklahoma City for Your Home

August 28, 2018

Home gutter repairs and replacements are inevitable. As such, it’s good for homeowners to have a general understanding of their rain gutters. When it comes to residential rain gutters, there are two basic types—k-style and half-round—and both are available in 5- and 6-inch widths.

  1. K-style gutters have flat backs and bottoms with a curved or ogee front side.
  2. Half-round gutters are basically half-round tubes. These gutters are commonly found on historic or much older homes.

Below is some information to help you choose the best gutter installation in Oklahoma City for your home:

Telltale signs your gutters are shot

Damaged gutters aren’t hard to spot, but they’re surprisingly easy to ignore… until they start causing huge problems for your home. Here are a few signs to watch out for and some telltale issues not to ignore:

  • Cracks: Cracked gutters offer little benefit. The rain water will simply flow into the damaged gutter and spill out the cracks onto the ground below. Before the rainy season hits, inspect your gutters and downspouts for cracks of any size. Note that larger cracks are easier to see on dry, sunny days, while smaller cracks are often only detected when a rain storm passes through. Some cracks may be repaired, but consider replacing a gutter that has massive or numerous cracks.
  • Paint peel: If your siding’s paint job is bubbling or peeling, it’s likely you’re dealing with excess moisture. Check the condition of the section of gutter closest to the peeling. It could be cracked and leaking.
  • Weak or tired seems: The most vulnerable spot of the average residential gutters is at the seams where two horizontal sections connect. It’s at this meeting point that leaks and splitting materials occur the most, both of which can lead to the total failure of your gutter system. Some gutter seams can be repaired; others need to be replaced. You can avoid this seam stress problem completely by opting for seamless gutters. Call L & S Seamless Guttering to speak to a gutter contractor in Oklahoma City about our inventory of seamless gutters.

How to choose your new rain gutters

If you’re dealing with damaged gutters, choosing replacements is an essential task. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you’re exploring new options:

  • Amount of rainfall: Start by figuring out how much rain falls in your area throughout an average year, or how much falls during a typical heavy rain storm. This information helps to determine about how much water your gutters will need to take on. For instance, the more rain that drops in a shorter time frame, the larger your gutter sections should be to prevent water from spilling over the edges.
  • Materials: You have several rain gutter materials to choose from. The most common is aluminum, as it is lightweight, sturdy and affordable. Vinyl, though inexpensive and available in many colors, may not hold up well in extreme sun or weather conditions. Stainless steel is durable and affordable, but needs to be maintained to avoid corrosion and rusting. But, if you are looking to improve curb appeal and gutter function, consider copper gutters.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to think about hiring professionals to handle the installation process. Luckily, there are plenty of gutter companies in Oklahoma City ready to get the job done. If you have questions or want an estimate, call the professionals at L & S Seamless Guttering today!

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